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Caring for your Obscuro Jewelry:

    Many of our pieces contain raw, uncut and unpolished stones or fossils that are fragile. Some stones such as amethyst or citrine may fade in the sunlight over time. We recommend keeping your ObscurO Jewelry in a lined drawer away from sunlight or hang (to prevent tangling) in a place not affected by sunlight. Please take care when putting on and removing. 

  *DO NOT DROP your ObscurO Jewelry because some stones could shatter and can NOT be replaced due to the natural form. 

If a piece gets twisted we recommend gently shaking (NOT PULLING) to release. When putting on and removing your ObscurO necklace, it is advised to TURN NECKLACE AROUND to the front so you can see how to unclasp the piece. 

 Showering, bathing, swimming or sleeping  in your ObscurO Jewelry is NOT recommended. 

  Most of our pieces are made of sterling silver, brass or copper. Metals naturally tarnish over time due to body oils and oxidation. To keep your jewelry shiny and like new, a jewelry polishing cloth is recommended. 

  Here's a home cleaning solution that I find helpful:

mix baking powder, lemon and warm water in a small cup and gently scrub your jewelry with a soft toothbrush. 

  Some people have a reaction to brass or copper where it leaves a greenish color on the skin temporarily. This is very common due to your natural body oils, but if you want to lessen this affect you can put clear nail polish on your jewelry where it touches the skin.


Placing an order:

  When you click on an item to purchase on our website, it sends you directly to our Shopify. The exact item in the photo might not be available any longer (some pieces are one-of-a-kind). If you're interested in something similar or a custom piece, feel free to email or text us directly.

Shipping & Delivery:

  Shipping in the USA usually runs $6-$10. We can also ship outside the US.

 If you are in a rush please send us an email to see if we can meet your time frame. Some jewelry pieces may be made to order and take an additional amount of time. Please read descriptions fully before completing your order.​

If you'd like your tracking number, just let us know.

Return policy:

  Have a Problem? No Problem! If you want to exchange for another style or size, we are happy to accommodate. When sending in a return, the buyer will need to pay shipping back to us and the new product will be sent upon receipt of the old.

*Many of our pieces are one-of-a-kind (with natural, organic stones) and can NOT be replaced if the stone is broken. Once purchased, it's the buyers responsibility to take care of the piece. 

​* Lost single earrings may or may not be able to be replaced, additional charges apply.

Custom orders:

  Please be sure of any measurements you provide us with.

*Custom orders are non-refundable but we will consider alterations if unsatisfied. There may be additional charges due to alterations and shipping.


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